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About Us

Excubator draws its inspiration from the Latin word “Excubo“​- “I keep watch”​. We are a start-up incubator and a corporate venturing advisory.

At the heart of Excubator is the entrepreneur who we serve through our Excube360 platform. Excube360 provides them with the real-time guidance and support needed to begin building a successful start-up practice.

The second part of Excubator’s mission is to assist investors, large global enterprises and incubation centers to discover, screen, mentor, select and scale brilliant entrepreneurs, again, through the Excube360 platform.

Set up by a team of people who not only have significant entrepreneurial experience but also the experience of guiding large global enterprises, successful start-up founders and academic institutions in setting up entrepreneurship practices, Excubator’s team has the experience of guiding many hundreds of entrepreneurs scale their businesses into world-class ventures.

Deep-dive Mentoring

Entrepreneurs need professional guidance to shape their strategy and direction. We roll up our sleeves and get deeply involved with you to create your growth trajectory. We help you review your progress periodically and keep you on track. Periodically, you will engage with our media partners and our investor network.

Early access to customers

We help open doors to the right kind of customers you are looking for. This helps you validate your product for its market fit. And these early test customers, more often than not, become real paying customers for you soon.

Collaborative Startup Environment

At Excubator, you will learn from other startups and enthusiastically support each other. Many Excubator startups find synergies among themselves for good business partnerships. You will find the collaborative workspace environment at Excubator as one of the most valuable propositions for you.

Access to the expert ecosystem

At Excubator, you will get open access to one of the best expert ecosystems available: technology, legal, finance, intellectual property and user experience design. These experts are masters in their own domains and are known for their contribution to the start-up community.

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End-to-end operating framework

Many academic incubators struggle to set up the processes and operational frameworks that are needed to select, mentor, incubate and scale start-up ventures. Excubator can help you with the best practices and operational frameworks needed to get your center launched and operational in no time.

Curated Start-up pipeline

We regularly connect with many start-ups that are at early stages and need incubation support. We can provide you with a carefully curated group of high-potential startups for you to pick from.

On-going incubation support

After setting up your center’s core operational framework, ongoing engagement between your incubated ventures and our team of mentors will help you achieve your center’s goal of being recognized as an institution that builds and scales high-quality ventures.

Access to larger start-up community

Your start-ups will have the unique opportunity of interacting with the larger community of others that we support at other partner institutions. Such community interaction by your start-ups plays a crucial role in their development and will spur their growth.

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Helping you innovate like Startups

Our Corporate Venturing programs have been highly effective for enterprises to harvest new business ideas from their employees. We help you select the most promising ideas through our structured evaluation process, and then help you incubate and implement these ideas to develop new growth horizons for your enterprise.

Helping you work with Startups

We constantly engage with early stage innovative start-ups that have serious potential. Through us, you can not only get early access to these innovations for your own use, but also play a significant role in validating the business potential of the start-ups.

Helping you build sharper and smarter ideas

Our self-service platform ‘Excube360′ allows your employees to research the landscape of their ideas, figure out the market activity and get recommendation on the fitment of the idea with respect to your strategic areas of interest.

Helping you setup internal venture incubator

If you are keen to promote and encourage entrepreneurial effort in a specific vertical, we can help you partner with, set up and run business incubation programs through our network of incubator partners.

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Experience the India start-up hotbed

India has become hotbed for the global entrepreneurs. Indian entrepreneurs have cracked the code of creating and scaling successful ventures in a highly complex market such as India. We can help facilitate a program for startups from your geography to touch and feel the Indian start-up energy at close quarters.

 Find product development partners

In the flat world economy, India has emerged as a highly competitive sourcing hub for the global ventures to seek product development and manufacturing partners. We can help you connect with the eco-system of suppliers of products and services in India who can be your strategic supply-chain buddies.

Find go-to-market partners

Start-ups aspiring to be a global venture can immensely benefit from international go-to-market partners. We help startups from your region find the right kind of partners from international geographies.

Prepare to engage with the India market

While India is an attractive market place for global start-ups, it is also an extremely complex location that young international ventures struggle to understand.  With our extensive understanding of the Indian market, we can assist startups from your geography with the ideal India entry strategy: be it setting up, legal or financial structures or even simply coping with differences in culture.

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Our Team

We have on board a highly accomplished team who have guided hundreds of entrepreneurs in realizing their potential and set them on the path of becoming world-class, global ventures. Members of our team have extensive entrepreneurial experience of their own and have also mentored at academic institutions and other organizations in encouraging and setting up entrepreneurial practices.

Portfolio Of Companies

Jigsaw Academy provides groundbreaking online analytics courses that can change the course of your career. More on Jigsaw Academy
KFX Lab is technology innovation company, Kfx developed new core communication techniques that can be used to build low power industrial-scale IoT networks with minimal infrastructure requirements. Using the same unique technology, it can enable data transfer over the body using the skin as medium and between any two devices by direct contact without any cables. More on KFX labs
InfraEyes' first product 'Veinus' is a medical device that is designed to map veins in the human body without any contact. More on InfraEyes

MyKidsVenture provides a complete solution to addressing all the needs to create an unforgettable childhood for both the parents and the children. Being The Parent is India's one of the best parents community portal. More on MyKidsVentures

Hipship, one of India’s first parcel aggregator and customer engaging platforms in the transport industry, is an easy solution to all your logistic needs. It brings you a unique range of express delivery solutions. More on Hipship

enEXL's product ‘BluPay’ is a proximity solution that lets the consumers make payments and covers the entire life-cycle of the shopping experience beginning from proximity marketing, moving to self check-outs while offering omni-channel interaction. BluPay is based on a combination of the rugged Bluetooth and proprietary technology . More on BluPay

Medidaili provide convenient, affordable, transparent and reliable medical services and solutions to you through our "Easy to use mobile app and website". More on Medidaili

Winni provides a trustworthy and convenient platform to choose best gift for your family, friends etc. for every occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, marriage and many more. We specialise in fresh, timely and online delivery of best cakes and flowers in the town. More on Winni

Thinqbot's Newton Smart Home Solutions enable a plug and play infrastructure set up that connect sensors to physical objects. More on Thinqbot
Playlyfe offers online Gamification products that empower user engagement in whole range of focus areas including sales, education, BPO and contact centers. More on Playlyfe

UrbanPiper is a platform that provides a cloud service and mobile apps integrated with POS systems to enable highly flexible loyalty and rewards to retailers. More on UrbanPiper
Tomar Technologies' first product Gesturs is a gesture recognition platform to enable consumers to have the same experience across all their devices. More on Tomar Technologies


I am a start-up entrepreneur. How do I get in touch with you for mentoring?

Simply send an email to requesting mentoring.  Please include a brief write-up of your idea, and details of the assistance you require from Excubator.  This helps our mentors focus on helping you, not just understanding your venture.

Do I need to pay for mentoring?

No!  All our mentoring sessions are pro bono, and our objective is to help you as much as we can during these sessions.  However, after the first mentoring session, additional sessions with mentors will be scheduled .. based on your request .. only if you make progress.

Who are the mentors at Excubator?

Excubator has a strong set of mentors, and all of them have either prior start up experience or a strong intrapreneurial stint during their corporate career.  You can see their profiles in the “Team” tab.

Will you sign an NDA?

No.  We regularly see a number of ideas in similar domains, and with similar products, from many entrepreneurs.  We do not share these details with other ventures, but we do indicate potential competition in the space to you. This helps you to re-assess your own business for viability.

Are you an accelerator?

No.  Business accelerators typically work in “batches”.  We pick ventures for our portfolio all through the year.  And we pick them after meeting them multiple times, assessing the progress they have made and understanding how we could assist them in becoming truly large.

Are you an incubator?

Well, yes and no.  We work with incubators at academic institutions to help them set up, manage and scale the ventures they incubate.  In many cases, we even present appropriate startups to them for them to pick for incubation.  But we (as Excubator) pick  just about 2% of the ventures we meet to accept them directly into our own portfolio.

Does Excubator offer funding?

Not directly. Excubator works with a large ecosystem of both angel investors as well as seasoned VCs to help specific entrepreneurs raise funding for their ventures.

I only need funding. Can I still meet you?

Well … yes.  But if that’s pretty much all that you think you need, we’d be happy to send you the list of possible VCs and Angels you could connect up with on your own.  Better still, we can connect you to professional fund raisers who would be happy to work with you.

Does Excubator take equity?

Yes, we do … but only in our Portfolio companies.  Depending on the stage of the venture, this equity position could be anywhere 6% to 12% in return for the services that we provide.

My company is interested in building "Intrapreneurs". Can you help?

Yes, of course! Write to us at and take a look at the “About Us” tab. We have a specific section on what we can do for enterprises, and we’d be happy to craft a program that will work for you

My university wants to develop student entrepreneurs. Can you help?

Yes, of course!  Write to us at and take a look at the “About Us” tab.  Some of what we do is mentioned in the “Incubators” sub-tab there, but we’d be happy to understand your goals and see how we could be of assistance.


“... invaluable as mentors having undertaken the startup journey themselves ... they prevent you from hitting the self destruct button. I particularly remember one line when I was castigating myself for not having executed fast enough and they tell me gently "everything can be done better and faster, what matters is getting it done". A valuable lesson to me about a startup"
“Hey man I love this idea”. If you are an entrepreneur and have a cool idea many a times you will hear the same. But the chances are rare that someone among them will stand by you for the next three years to build that idea into a business. That rare guy is Guhesh. From that day till today he has been with us all thorough. His energy has amazed us, his advices have helped us and his connections have supported us. Always a call away, he will be beside you in your best and worst times".

“ ... a true mentor, a coach and a go-to-person, right from the time of product validation in Dec 2012 .. quick to understand the issues under discussion, give suggestions, debate alternatives, map to his contacts - all these without missing a beat. I have observed that contacts in his network respect him a lot. His macro and micro-level suggestions have always been spot-on for ChipperSage.”
"Without the guidance and advise from Excubator, our business would not be where it is today. The practical, clear thinking and strategic advice from Excubator gives a broad perspective that one tends to lose as an entrepreneur, hard pressed for time. Excubator has helped us hone our long-term vision and made a definite impact on the shape the venture has taken"

“... were a great help while putting through our pitch deck. Their vast experience helped us refine our overall strategy. Their network of contacts helped us connect with other start-ups to generate mutually beneficial relationships .. “

“Ever since our engagement with Excubator, we have been able to focus more sharply on the core of our solution and were able to keep the priorities very clear to meet our goals. Team Excubator passionately goes beyond mentorship and connections; they get their skin in the game to shape up the entire business canvas. As a first-time start-up we hit many roadblocks, even grave ones at times, and that’s where Excubator’s ability to straighten the trajectory and bring the venture back on the track is just invaluable for any start-up team.”
“Excubator to us has been like Master Yoda from Star Wars – a powerhouse of entrepreneurial wisdom. What I find unique about Team Excubator’s engagement is the single-minded focus to make start-up ventures work. They patiently work with the raw ideas and translate them into business platforms. And what I value most in my experience is the Excubator’s commitment to take the journey with you and not just give guidance from outside.”
“For quite some time, we had been on the lookout for mentors who understood what we were trying to do, and it was not as easy a job as it seems. The awesome mentors at Excubator not only understood our vision, but also helped us refine it by offering their experienced views on some problems which we'd have faced otherwise. They also offered their support and guidance by introducing us to potential clients who align with our strategy. But the best part is their strong understanding of new and emerging industries like Gamification, which has been a breath of fresh air for us, and — we hope — for many more startups like us.”
"We reached out to Excubator at a stage when UrbanPiper was just coming out from the stealth mode and needed to go full throttle on scaling up the business. Given our intense focus on time-to-market, Excubator’s high-touch mentoring has been very valuable in every aspect, be it the business strategy, operations planning or even something as small as client pitch preparation. Being in the Excubator’s eco-system has been a great confidence factor for us and with that we are absolutely sure of changing the game"
"While engaging with Excubator, the first thing that one experiences is their contagious enthusiasm and unlimited energy to work with you. They support you for everything that matters for a start-up for doing right things as well as for doing things right way. As we progressed in our journey, Excubator team stood by us and has been always available to discuss, resolved, co-think and guide. Being with Excubator means having a tremendous eco-system within the reach and that is so valuable for a start-up."

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