How Excubator helps innovation driven enterprises “Master their start-up play” ?

Our consultants and platforms help you build the strategies to identify those start-up wins that help you build an initial focused set of domains and technologies. As it is important to run many small experiments to take away some significant wins, taking a portfolio approach and building a deal flow helps you to derisk your innovation efforts. Excubator helps you to harness many high quality startups.

Setting specific innovation objectives for a large number of startups needs the involvement of many people in an ecosystem. Excubator's ExSeed and ExNet platforms help you with that, and can help you manage these interconnected people well.

Picking the top few and removing the red tape can create a fast-track process to pilot offers in the market. Excubator helps you with a DMZ for this, if needed, at our own incubation facility.

Finally, building on the partnerships that Excubator has can help you to scale your selected startup partners and add value to your own customers.

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