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HackSpace is an ecosystem designed exclusively for startups that are building ventures based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and data-intelligence Smart IoT solutions. at HackSpace, aspiring entrepreneurs can learn, tinker and build disruptive solutions for the industry in close collaboration with our large network of ecosystem partners.

Being Ai venture

“Startups in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning space need to master 3 battlegrounds – serious technology knowledge, industry focused problem solving and building investment-worthy venture”

The Technology Edge
Building state-of-the-art technology infrastructure

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Smart IoT are specialised technologies. Creating real disruptions using such technology is hard and requires deep knowledge and expertise of computer science and electronics. If you aspire to build real solutions in these areas, you and your technology team need to have very strong foundation in these technologies.

The Solution Edge
Redefining Industry Leading Paradigms

Power of AI/ML/Smart IoT technologies must be applied to specific industry use-cases to break their barriers and open up new possibilities that never existed before. This requires strong understanding of the industry functions and prevalent state-of-the-art being used in those industries.

The Venture Edge
Building profitable business model

Finally what matters the most – can you build a market-ready, scale-ready and investment-ready venture? Venture building entails accurate understanding of the market, achieving product-market fit through minimum viable product and securing funds to take the venture into growth-stage.

What does HackSpace offer?


HackSpace Acceleration

Join our specialised acceleration program designed to provide you an opportunity to collaborate with other smart AI innovators, indulge in our AI meet up #chAI and get ‘no non-sense’ guidance and hand-holding from experts in the HackSpace ecosystem. This is open for entrepreneurs at any stage of the startup.


Venture Incubation Program

Our incubation program is designed to go beyond technology tinkering for shaping up your disruptive idea into a growth-ready business venture. Get incubated for 6 months for deep-dive venture building journey with state-of-the-art AI/ML ecosystem of experts, venture specialists and funding partners.

Industry Expert

Ai bootcamps

Ai is big and Ai is happening. Ai is going to rock the job market. It will open up new doors but only if you are ready. Learn everything about Ai with our deep-dive training sessions.  Do not let your opportunities be marginalised due to lack of right knowledge. Explore our specialised training programs to bring you up to speed.

HackSpace Ecosystem Partners

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pi Ventures is early stage fund focusing on disruptive ventures that can turn into category leaders through Applied AI


Indian Angel Network is a network of Angel investors keen to invest in early stage businesses which have potential to create disproportionate value.

Google partner logo

Google is at the forefront of Innovation for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Google as HackSpace ecosystem partner will provide mentoring, technology infrastructure support and guidance for solving complex problems.

If you want to join the partner program with HackSpace, please drop a mail to contact@excubator.org

Industry Partners coming soon. Industry Partners will offer access to sector specific insights, will help validate industry specific use-cases and provide opportunity to deploy solution pilot with them or their customers. If you want to join the partner program with HackSpace, please drop a mail to contact@excubator.org

Academia Partners coming soon. Academia partners will collaborate through their state-of-the-art technology support and portfolio of intellectual property for solving complex problems. If you want to join the partner program with HackSpace, please drop a mail to contact@excubator.org

#chAI – a lot is happening over a cuppa!


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the major waves, which will change industries across the board. AI “Winter” is truly turning into AI “Spring”. Tons of data, unprecedented computation power, and algorithms like deep learning are opening new frontiers across industries.

For an emerging field like AI, a closer collaboration among them could be very productive. We believe that along with funding and talent, ecosystem plays a big role in creating path breaking companies. This ecosystem building is very deeply impacted by the creation of community, which has similar aim.

To enable this community building, pi Venture and Excubator are kicking off a series of meetups and round tables around AI called #chAI (AI over a cuppa). We believe with this series of #chAI , we can enable collaboration on technology and talent; building depth in the AI community and thereby resulting in world class AI companies to come out of India. Join the HackSpace Facebook group to receive update for future #chAI events.

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