HackSpace Ai Bootcamp Courses

Ai TechStart


A power-packed one day course for beginners who want to get a solid grounding in Artificial Intelligence computing. This course will make you understand all the complex concepts of AI in most intuitive and simplified manner. Starting with Python, this course gives exposure to sklearn for ML algos, pandas for data frames and matlplotlib for data visualization. The course takes a hands on approach with focus on two popular problems: 1 – to predict a continuos data and 2 – perform sentiment analysis. Using these problems, course will explain the basics of ML, Regression, Classification etc. in hands-on manner.

* This is early-bird fee applicable only for for first 5 registrations. For rest, full fee will be INR 9000/-

* Tea/Coffee and Lunch is included

* Participants will be need to bring their own laptops for hands-on work. No workstations will be supplied.

* Those who complete this course will be awarded Excubator “AI TechStart” completion certificate

* At the end of the course, participants can opt for next level one-day course “AI DomainStart” with 25% discount if fee is paid within next 2 days

Ai BizStart

To be announcedINR/Person.

A level-1 course to get immersed into industry domain based solution thinking using Ai technologies. Ai TechStart is recommended prior to this course. Coming very soon.